OP ED A woman’s life is only important if she is murdered and then still only sometimes.

OP ED A woman’s life is only important if she is murdered and then still only sometimes.

I read with horror this morning that an UBER driver who “traumatically” raped a seventeen year old has been granted bail.

The charges allege that 37 year old Onur Dedeoglu attacked the teen on Sunday morning after dropping off her two friends at another address, as reported by SMH.

The victim went to police and the driver was arrested on Monday but was granted bail the same day, his only restriction is to not work as an Uber driver. He is charged to appear in Liverpool Local court on October 25.

Sadly this is pretty standard, and it harks back to other cases such as the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in 2012 by Adrian Bayley. At the time of her murder, Bayley was also out on bail for other sexual assaults.  Recently on our podcast, Monsters Who Murder, Robert and I passionately discussed the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon, who was walking home from a gig and was attacked.

Politicians and law makers have come out time and again and said that they will tighten parole laws, but here we are, another man, who has attacked a young teen, leaving her with physical and emotional scars is walking the streets, unsupervised and free to attack again.  What does it take? When will attacks on women make the courts take this seriously, why do women like Jill and Eurydice need to be murdered before someone is kept behind bars? One less rapist on the street should be a good thing, instead it appears they want them out and free to become repeat offenders or worse, murderers before they are contained?

This is not the first Uber driver attack here. In May, another driver, Zared Haines was charged with indecently assaulting a passenger after she got out of the car at her address. He had attacked her outside her apartment building before chasing her into her building.  Last year Muhammed Naveed was convicted of rape for attacking a passenger in his Uber car.

Though stranger sexual violence in Australia is at a low, whilst domestic violence related murders are on the increase – which is a whole other matter to discuss, I cannot believe that when even the police come out and tell women to “take responsibility for our safety” – as if we aren’t already, it just shows the contempt that there is for victims of sexual assault. Victims are left to try and piece their lives back together, rapists are slapped on the wrist and told to come back another day when it is more suitable for the courts to think about them.

So once again a suspected rapist is set free by the courts and women are being told to “take responsibility for our safety” how about the courts take a bit of responsibility for our safety and stop letting these predators out on bail?

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