Belgium’s most hated killer writes to victims’ families

Belgium’s most hated killer writes to victims’ families

Belgian serial killer and paedophile Marc Dutroux, 61, has angered the families of victims by attempted to reach out to them via written correspondence. Dutroux, who was imprisoned in 1996, has offered to answer any questions the families of his victims may have.

BBC reports that Dutroux’s lawyer, Bruno Dayez has said he was ready to provide answers to his victims’ families. According to Dayez, Dutroux wants to help the families with their healing process.  According to The Brussels Times who saw a copy of the letter, Dayez claims “It is a letter of appeasement and of openness. Marc Dutroux, who acknowledges his entire and overwhelming responsibility for the death of the four children…although he did not himself kill them, is addressing the parents and his victims to inform them that he is ready to respond to any questions they may have. It is a pacifying approach. Rather than all parties fighting like cats and dogs for years, we are opening the door to discussion. Nobody has anything to lose.”

Eefje Lambreck’s father spoke out against Dutroux’s offer, calling it “a big publicity stunt from a lawyer with lots of time and few clients.”

Dutroux was imprisoned for the deaths of four girls and a male friend. He had abducted countless victims over the years before his final capture. He had abducted and murdered teenagers An Marchal and Eefhe Lambreks. He had also abducted eight year olds Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo who starved to death in his cellar prison whilst he was serving a custodial sentence. His wife, Michelle Martin was also convicted of her part in the crimes, but was released in 2012.

Since his incarceration Dutroux has continued to apply for release and actually briefly escaped in 1998 before being recaptured.

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