Serial killer Rosemary West finds God and believes she will be forgiven

Serial killer Rosemary West finds God and believes she will be forgiven

Rosemary West spends her time in prison attending regular chapel services and believes she has found a new life with God and will be forgiven in heaven for the crimes she has committed, claims fellow prisoner Catherine Jones according to The Daily Record.

According to the prisoner, West, 64, made the claims of being forgiven when she was asked how she felt “knowing you’ll be leaving this place in a wooden box?”

She still claims to be innocent and blames her husband Fred for “making [her] do things.”  Fred committed suicide in prison before he could stand trial for the rape and murders of many young girls in Gloucester.

Catherine claims that Rose is the “main woman” in the prison and life is hard for her as she “gets a lot of stick” for who she is according to The Sun .  The woman also explained how Rose has had many sexual relationships with other female prisoners during her time behind bars and is often making cakes for other inmates.  “She’d make cakes for the girls. She loved the kitchen, she used to eat a lot. She grassed me up once. I was banned from the kitchen but I snuck in to get some food and she grassed on me for it.” Catherine said.  Catherine says she has spoken out because she was sick of seeing how West was pampered in prison, including getting her own little sewing room away from the other inmates. “It made me sick to see how much they pampered this vile monster.”

Catherine had been in HMP Low Newton serving life for murder but was released last month and spoke to newspapers about her time with West.

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