Serial Killer claims he was hunting humans for Government

Serial Killer claims he was hunting humans for Government

Alleged Louisiana serial killer Ryan Sharpe called East Feliciana Sherrif’s office in October 2017 to report that he had completed the five tags given to him, by not only shooting deer but also by shooting four men, killing three of them.  Sharpe was arrested shortly after the phone call.

According to Sharpe he has twelve more tags that he had hoped to use but wanted to “log his kills” with the Sheriff’s department first.  Oxygen reports that “Sharpe was methodical about the killings, according to deputies, and he liked to watch his victims suffer.”

The Advocate reported that Sharpe was charged with the 2017 murders of Brad DeFranceschi, 48, Thomas Bass, 62 and Carroll Breeden and the attempted murder of Buck Hornsby, 47, who survived being shot.  Sharpe knew Bass before he attacked him and had reversed his car into the man’s driveway asking to put air in tyres before he pounced. Most of the men were in their yards doing gardening when Sharpe attacked.  Each time he attacked, he took the battery out of his mobile phone, or left it at home so he could not be tracked during the murders.  The Advocate reports that Sharpe told police that he did not want to kill Bass, but a meeting with Government officials told him that Bass had been chosen to die.

Sharpe is currently scheduled to face a competency hearing to see if he will stand trial for the murders. However at Wednesday’s scheduled court date, Sharpe failed to appear in court, Baton Rouge lawyer Tommy Damico claimed his client’s mental state has deteriorated further.

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