Convicted serial killer confesses to two more bodies

Convicted serial killer confesses to two more bodies

South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp has told a TV crew filming a documentary on his case that he has two more victims buried near a local freeway, the Interstate 26.

Sherriff Chuck Wright from Spartanburg County told the media that they are taking the killer’s confession seriously and will take him to the area he has indicated in the hopes of finding more victims.

Sherriff Wright said, “We’re trying to get a game plan together to find out exactly where and what to do. Investigators have been talking to him, we’re not going to try to keep that quiet. We’re going to go search.” A search began two days ago in dense bush land along I26 near Enoree.

CBS news reports that Kohlhepp has refused to identify the victims at this stage. According to WSOCTV there is speculation that the victims could be two pizza delivery drivers.  At this stage nothing has been found during a search by 20 officers. Wright said, with nothing found so far he “wasn’t optimistic about finding any more bodies and didn’t want to give the killer any unwarranted attention, but because I know he’s killed seven, I feel like we need to check this out.” came to international infamy when one of his victims, Kala Brown was found alive and chained inside a shipping container in 2016. Kala’s partner Charles Carter has been shot dead and buried on property owned by Kohlhepp. Kohlhepp repeatedly raped Brown during her time in captivity. The killer had also published various posts on the couple’s Facebook pages, confusing their families further and confounding investigators.

Once in custody, Kohlhepp confessed to a similar abduction and two more murders, that of married couple Johnny Cox and Meagan McCraw-Cox.  Cox was murdered in December shortly after they were captured. McCraw-Cox was kept alive for a week whilst he raped her before shooting her dead.  The serial killer also confessed to the unsolved killing spree at a motorcycle shop in November 2003 where four people were shot dead.  He claimed to have killed them because they were making fun of him.

For the seven murders he was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences. A further 60 years was added for the assault of Brown.  Kohlhepp had previously been in prison for 14 years for the assault and rape of fourteen year old girl, when he was also a minor.


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