New claims serial killer Fred West had many more victims

New claims serial killer Fred West had many more victims

A film producer in Hollywood claims that Fred West killed many more victims when he lived in Scotland with his first wife, Rena – who later became one of his victims according to the Daily Star.

Paul Pender claims that he received a tip from a man who worked with Catherine “Rena” West.  The man who worked at an abattoir with Rena told the producer to dig further into his claims. He told the producer that the killer likely honed his skills in Scotland with Rena.  “West asked [his wife] a lot about dissecting and disposing of meat efficiently… this enabled him to do an astonishingly professional job when he came to getting rid of corpses in England”.

Pender, in his research believes that West buried more victims on a small allotment he had in the 1960s in Kinning Park, he told The Scottish Sun newspaper. Pender now wants to use ground penetrating sonar to see if he can find the victims that the man told him about. He said, “We owe it to the victims to do it. West’s old allotment is now under concrete but who knows what imaging equipment might reveal beneath.

Pender has also asked police to reopen the file on the alleged accidental death of three your old Henry Feeney. Feeney was killed when Fred ran over him with his ice cream truck. He claimed it was an accident, however Pender believes it is something more sinister.

Fred and his second wife Rose, were arrested in early 1994 on suspicion of murdering their daughter, Heather. Following a police investigation, nine bodies were found at the house in Cromwell Street, Gloucester as well as others in another house and fields near where Fred lived prior to his marriage to Rose.

Rose was jailed in 1994 for ten of the murders. Fred committed suicide before he could face trial.

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  1. What about the old Mill his son said he buried his victims at.

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