Serial Killer claims more victims after being released from jail

Serial Killer claims more victims after being released from jail

A serial killer released from prison TWICE has murdered multiple people each time he was set free.  Now a new murder is raising questions about his release.

Turkish serial killer Hamdi Kayapinar was released in February 2017 only to kill again.  Kayapinar’s first conviction was in 1994 when, at age 14 he strangled his brother because he was jealous of him. He was sent to prison but was released three years later and soon murdered seven men and injured six more before being recaptured in 2002.  He claimed that he killed people because he hated society, whom he believed shunned him after he had murdered his brother.  He referred to his victims as “prey” and was dubbed “The Hunter” by the media when he was arrested. At trial he spoke of the murders saying, “I see this as a form of hunting. I’m already a hunter. My victims are hunts and all the money as well as possessions of my victims are booties from this hunting,”

For the serial murders he was sentenced to life imprisonment, however after serving less than fifteen years he was released early last year.

On his release he remained incident free until August 2 this year when he murdered security guard, Sami Yilmaz in Kayseri, Demiroren, Turkey.  He was arrested five days later when he turned himself in to his local prosecutor’s office asking to be sent back to prison. He subsequently made a full confession to the murder of Yilmaz, according to Hurriyet Daily News.  In his confession the thirty-nine-year-old serial killer claimed that he killed the man because he liked his gun.


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  1. Ummm I think the Turkish justice system might need to have a serious look at itself! To release him not once but twice and have him to continue to murder is ridiculous! Hopefully this time they throw away the key

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