Breaking news: Killer admits murdering mum and daughter

Breaking news: Killer admits murdering mum and daughter

Daniel Holdom, the man accused of murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her toddler daughter Khandalyce Pearce had pleaded guilty to their murders a week before he was due to stand trial in the NSW Supreme Court according to SMH reports.

Holdom had murdered Karlie several days before he murdered the little girl. Both were killed in 2008 and their bodies dumped thousands of kilometres apart in different states.  Karlie’s body was found in Belanglo State Forest in 2010 and went unidentified for years before the discovery of her daughter’s body in a suitcase in South Australia in 2015 allowed DNA to link the two deaths and identify them both due to a unique handmade blanket found in the suitcase with Khandalyce’s body.

The identification of the mother and daughter led police to Holdom within a few days.

The location of Karlie’s body in Belanglo Forest was near the area where serial killer Ivan Milat dumped his victims in the 1980s and 1990s.

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