Murderer used dating app to find victims, could be linked to other murders

Murderer used dating app to find victims, could be linked to other murders

Alleged serial killer Danueal Drayton used several dating websites to target female victims on both coasts of the US.  Danueal Drayton was arrested in California in connection to the murder of New York City nurse Samantha Stewart.  Stewart’s body was found wrapped in a blanket by her teenage brother on June 17, according to CNN. She had been raped and strangled.  DNA found at the crime scene linked her murder to a violent rape in Brooklyn as well as other attacks on the west coast that garnered the attention of Californian police who apprehended the alleged killer.   When arrested in West Hollywood, Drayton was holding another woman hostage in his hotel room.

Following his arrest he began talking to police, making a confession to at least six other murders, besides that of Samantha Stewart.  According to Brinkwire he told police “my body did this, not my mind. I didn’t want to do this. My body made me do this.”, he then confessed to two murders in Connecticut, as well as murders in Suffolk County, the Bronx and Queens. Police also believe he is linked to another murder in California.

Drayton has a lengthy and violent criminal record. He had been found guilty and served time for a number of charges included strangulation in the second degree.

Drayton is yet to appear in court in Los Angeles where he faces charges of attempted murder, forcible rape, false imprisonment by violence and sexual penetration by a foreign object. He refused to leave his cell on Friday for his scheduled court hearing.  The father of Samantha, Kenneth Stewart, hearing that Drayton refused to face court said, “I will fly over there ad volunteer to take him out of the cell. This monster gets out and has the nerve to fly to LA to commit another crime, to destroy another family.”

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