'Possible serial killer' accused of killing spree after cutting off ankle monitor

'Possible serial killer' accused of killing spree after cutting off ankle monitor

Forty-six year old Jose Gilberto Rodriguez is suspected of cutting off his ankle monitor and going on a series of killings across the ten days.

The suspect was arrested in Houston on Tuesday following a police news conference the previous night. At the conference, police claimed the man was a suspect in what they called a “possible serial killer” spree of at least three murders according to ABC News.

An armed Rodriguez was arrested after a police chase through Harris County following tip-offs from the public.

Rodriguez was on parole, and was meant to wear the ankle monitor following his incarceration for the attempted aggravated sexual assault of a sixteen year old girl. On his release, after serving only part of his twenty-year sentence, the felon was categorised as a high risk registered sex offender.  The recent spate of attacks, that included five victims, three of them fatally shot were chosen at random by the killer and began as a failed home invasion on July 9, where the victim was lucky to escape with their life.

On July 13, the suspect struck again, shooting Pamela Johnson, 62, dead in her northwest Harris County home. The killer left in his victim’s car which was later caught on CCTV.  This gave police a good description of her killer and they were quick to release the information about the wanted man to the public.  KHOU reports that the news came too late, when two more victims were shot dead last weekend at two different mattress stores before another was shot on Monday, but is expected to survive.

Rodriguez has been charged with two counts of murder with another likely to be filed in the coming days.

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