BREAKING NEWS: Tokyo subway gas attack Mastermind executed

BREAKING NEWS: Tokyo subway gas attack Mastermind executed

Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Aum Shinrikyo Cult responsible for the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo railways in March 1995 that killed thirteen people was executed moments ago in Tokyo. Asahara, along with six other convicted cult members were hanged.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Asahara was sentenced to be executed for the terrorist attack in 2004 and was one of thirteen people found responsible for the deadly coordinated attack where more than 6,000 people were harmed.

The 2004 subway attack was not the first terrorist attack launched by the cult. Members of Asahara’s cult, known also as the Aum Supreme Truth Cult launched a smaller attack on the Matsumoto homes of three judges in 1994. Eight people were killed in that attack and hundreds more made ill.

The sixty-three year old leader was almost completely blind and had once been a failed yoga teacher before creating the cult in 1984 based on a mixture of religious teaching including Buddhism, Christianity and the teachings Nostradamus. Before the 1995 sarin gas attack Asahara believed that police were about to raid his compounds and used the deadly release of gas to divert attentions away from his religious compound.

Before any of the deadly attacks occurred, visited Western Australia in September 1993 after buying Banjawarn sheep station in the remote centre of the state. The cult produced sarin gas at the property and tested it on sheep, as revealed later in toxicology tests. They even tried to mine uranium on the property in  what was believed to have been part of Asahara’s grand plan to develop  a nuclear capability for the cult.

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