Man suspected of killing 21 co-workers by poisoning their food

Man suspected of killing 21 co-workers by poisoning their food

A man has allegedly been caught on camera trying to poison the lunch of a co-worker.  The disturbing revelation has led to an investigation into a string of deaths at the metal fittings company.

The victim of the alleged poisoning noticed that his lunch had been tampered with and took the matter to his bosses.  Footage of the lunchroom was viewed and it allegedly showed the arrested man sprinkling a white powder onto the victim’s food.  The police were immediately called and the 56 year-old man arrested at ARI Armaturnen where he had worked for the past thirty-eight years.

The powder was later examined by police and found to be lead acetate that was tasteless but highly toxic and could cause organ damage and even death.

A search of the suspect’s home revealed more toxic substances including cadmium and mercury.

USA Today reports that this week, with the evidence collected, police opened an investigation into other deaths that have occurred at the company since 2000. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police are looking into the deaths of at least twenty-one people who died of heart attacks or cancer whilst in the company’s employment or shortly after retiring.  The deaths could have been caused by heavy metal poisoning and so a thorough investigation has commenced.

The suspect has yet to make any statement to police and has refused to outline his motives.  Employees at the company described the man as “conspicuously inconspicuous”.

The fifteen member task force expects to exhume some of the bodies for further testing and analysis and should it be found that he is responsible for any of the deaths under investigation, further charges may be laid.

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