"Burning, it hurts" Ice Pick Killer Executed

"Burning, it hurts" Ice Pick Killer Executed

Sixty-six year old Danny Bible was executed moments ago in Huntsville, Texas. The man’s death sentence was carried out for the rape and murder of 20 year old Inez Deaton.  He had also been accused of four murders and at least nine rapes. He later confessed to the other murders.

The killer gave no final statement before the execution by lethal injection began. He was noticed to shake his head during the introduction of the drugs to his veins and KHOU-TV claims that he was heard to whisper “burning.. it hurts”

His lawyers had fought to stay his execution claiming the killer was too ill, however the technician who inserted the needles into the man’s arm had no problems and it took only three minutes to prep the man on the gurney in the death chamber.

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