Prisoner claims to have murdered serial killer

Prisoner claims to have murdered serial killer

‘Prison justice’ has seen the murder of a notorious serial killer in a US jail, and now the man responsible has revealed why he did it in a remarkable confession.
James Elliot

Corbin Journal News editor Trent Knuckles was shocked to receive a letter from prisoner James Elliott last week, but he was even more shocked to find out that the letter was in fact a confession to murder.

Knuckles, in an interview with Lex18 in Kentucky, said he was “a little surprised” by the letter’s contents.  According to the letter, Elliott, who is serving time in Ohio, was upset that Donald Harvey, an angel of death serial killer was always boasting about the victims he had killed. Elliott’s letter explains that the prisoner decided to do something about it, “I guess a part of my saw this an as opportunity to finally do something constructive for my neighbours by way of closure.” Elliott then went into detail about how he beat the killer to death in March, 2017.

Donald Harvey was convicted of the deaths of thirty-seven people in hospitals during the 1970s and 1980s across Kentucky and Ohio. The true estimate of his killings could be as high as 87. Harvey claimed he killed many of his earlier victims to ‘ease their pain’ but later became an indiscriminate killer.  He pleaded guilty to the murders in Ohio and was sentenced to 28 life sentences. The guilty plea meant he avoided the death penalty, though according to the letter a fellow prisoner mete out a death sentence anyway.


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Donald Harvey

Harvey was found in his cell severely beaten on March 28. He had suffered horrific head injuries in the attack. He died two days later.  The Blade described the details of Elliot’s confession,  “I initially attacked him with facial punches… after which I stomped on his head off the floor 7 or 8 times with my foot.” Currently no charges have been filed for the attack and according to Elliott’s letter he doesn’t think any charges will come as he has more than another twenty-years on his own sentence for numerous burglaries and  nonetheless.

The crime, should Elliott’s confession prove true, harks back to another prisoner killing a serial killer to seek justice. In 1994, Christopher Scarver murdered Jeffrey Dahmer in prison. Dahmer, known as one of the world’s worst serial killers, was beaten to death with a broom. Scarver claimed that Dahmer often taunted other prisoners and boasted about the murders he committed and so he killed him.

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