True Crime Event Cancelled

True Crime Event Cancelled

A true crime convention that was to feature a live recording of our podcast Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions has mysteriously been cancelled at the last minute.

In an e-mail sent to speakers of the event, Paracon organiser Alex Cayas gave no reason for the cancellation, but did say that “Paracon Australia will be refunding all tickets to all attendees” (see the full e-mail below).

Monsters Who Murder understands the deposit due to the venue yesterday was not paid in time.  At the time of writing the Paracon website has not been updated with any information about the cancellation.

Speakers who were flying in from around the world will be met with the news when they land in Sydney today, including Malia Miglino, who yesterday posted that she was on her way from LA.

Now, a group of organisations and individuals from the Paranormal community are scrambling to organise an alternative event to be held at the Wallacia Development Centre.  Tickets will be free to anyone who had purchased tickets to Paracon.

At this stage, Amanda and I are planning to record an alternative episode to the one we had planned for Paracon on Saturday afternoon.  At this stage the podcast will not be part of the alternative event, due to our technical requirements.

For more information on the alternative event CLICK HERE.

E-mail from Paracon event organiser Alex Cayas sent at 10.11pm on Wednesday 13 June 2018.

Hello Everyone,

As of this evening I have cancelled Paracon Australia 2018 completely.
I have a guest email just about to go out wanted to ensure you had heard from me. I’ll speak with each of you Thursday morning to touch base and share more details.
There is an alternative event being created (not by Paracon Australia) with the main agenda for the international speakers to present and for paid guests to consider.
Paracon Australia will be refunding all tickets to all attendees.
I will put you in touch with those organising the event if you you want to consider attending or presenting. Note there is no longer accommodation booked for Paracon Australia Speakers at Q Station or else where.
Those travelling interstate I will speak to you tomorrow regarding your flights.
I have kept this short and will share more detail and hear any concerns directly.
Thank you all for your ongoing support to get Paracon Australia 2018 off the ground. It was not an easy decision to make and I know it sucks. I am sorry for this
Alex Cayas

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  1. Any updates on this? Was Paracon a con? Did people get their money back?

    1. Our understanding is that everyone who bought a ticket would get a full refund.

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