Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Ex-Marine

Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Ex-Marine

A jury has recommended a convicted serial killer be put to death for the murders of five people in California.

Andrew Urdiales, 53, a former Marine who was described by prosecutors as a misogynist who loved preying on women, had murdered the five women during a killing spree between 1986 and 1995 and only recently stood trial. The killer had previously been convicted of three murders in Illinois before being extradited to California in 2011

NBC San Diego reports the California serial killings began with an attack on a Saddleback College student, according to investigators. The body of Robbin Brandley was found in a school parking lot, stabbed 41 times. She had been working earlier than night as an usher at a campus event.

Brandley’s father, Jack Reilley, said as he held hands with the relatives of other victims in court Wednesday that he “felt a lot of pissed-off emotion.” Reilley said he was unsurprised by the verdict because prosecutors had put on a strong case.

Urdiales is “like a mad dog, who needs to be put down,” Reilley said. “He’s non-human. That’s what he is to me.”

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