My Father was a Serial Killer

My Father was a Serial Killer

The daughter of a serial killer has spoken out about growing up with a man who killed 3 people and the life they had together before he became a murderer, revealing that although he was a good father to her, there signs were there from the start.

“Very loving, very affectionate, very attentive” Jenn Carson says of her father in a new interview aired on America’s Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Jenn is the daughter of Michael “Bear” Carson, a serial killer convicted, along with his second wife Suzan, for the murder of Keryn Barnes (22), Clark Stephens and Jon Charles Hellyar (30) between 1982 – 1983.

At around the age of 3, Jenn’s mum, Lynn, wanted to send her to daycare but Michael was against the idea.  She says around this time his mental health started deteriorating.  “He started talking about violence a lot” Jenn recalls.

Jenn’s mother decided to leave Michael, but the two shared custody of their young child.  He began a relationship with Susan Barnes, a divorcée with two teenaged sons.

In the interview, Jenn recounts how she would come home to find her father and his new partner high and passed out naked on the only piece of furniture in the house – a bed.

When Jenn asked for a back rub, just like her mum would give her at bedtime, Suzan scratched the young girls back “and it just seared with pain”.

Fearful for Jenn’s safety, her mother took her and disappeared for several years.

Then news broke about Michael and Suzan’s crimes.

Lynn had to break the news to her young daughter, “overnight I went from being a nine-year-old Girl Scout to being a serial killer’s daughter”, says Jenn.

“Everything changed in that moment”

“It shattered my world and ended my childhood”

In 2015 when Michael unexpectedly got a parole hearing  Jenn joined with the victims to fight his parole and says she will join them again in 2020 when he becomes eligible again.

You can see the entire interview in the video below.

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