85 Bodies recovered, but Police deny it's the work of a Serial Killer

85 Bodies recovered, but Police deny it's the work of a Serial Killer

Claims that a serial killer, dubbed The Pusher, could be stalking the rivers and canals around Manchester in the UK has been dismissed by Police, despite the fact a Professor from Birmingham University has raised questions about the number of deaths in local canals.

At least 85 bodies were recovered from canals as well as rivers, lakes and ponds between 2007 and 2015.

Professor Craig Jackson said it was ‘unlikely that such a high number of cases are the result of just accidents or suicides’, reports The Manchester Evening News

A senior officer, as well as one of the city’s coroners Joanne Kearsley, met with Prof Jackson, in order to discuss his claims.

They said that the discussion ‘has taken us in no new directions whatsoever’, adding that there is ‘absolutely no evidence’ to support the theory of ‘The Pusher.’

Pete Marsh, a Detective Superintendent of Greater Manchester Police, pointed to a review the force had conducted into the waterway deaths and insisted that ‘most have definitive explanations’.

He added: “There’s no evidence to support the theory that a serial killer is at large.”

Just yesterday, authorities in Canada came under fire for denying there was a serial killer targeting Toronto’s Gay Village. New documents reveal an investigation was taking place into alleged serial killer, Bruce McArthur at the time of that denial.

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