Police Investigated Serial Killer Despite Denials To The Public

Police Investigated Serial Killer Despite Denials To The Public

Police played down public fears about a serial killer being on the loose, despite the fact an investigation had been going on for months, it can now be revealed.

CBC, The StarCTV and other media have been fighting in court to unseal all of the warrants obtained in relation to the capture of alleged serial killer, Bruce McArthur, who is accused of targeting Toronto’s Gay Village in Canada.  McArthur has since been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder.

The newly released information shows Toronto police filed at least 88 applications for judicial authorisations for search warrants. Their investigation, which began in 2012, ultimately led them to McArthur in 2017.

On Dec. 4, 2017, investigators obtained a general warrant for McArthur’s apartment. According to sources, that kind of warrant gives police the right to search for such things as fingerprints, hair samples, bodily fluids, computer data, pictures and video.

Just four days later, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders issued a statement to the public in which he downplayed the idea that a serial killer could be targeting Toronto’s gay community saying, “The evidence today tells us there is not a serial killer”.

When asked by CTC whether he had mislead the public, Saunders denied he had done so.

UPDATE: You can hear Saunders downplay the possibility of a serial killer and his denial that he misled the public in the news section in Episode 5 of our podcast:

For more background on the arrest of Bruce McArthur, listen to episode 2 of our podcast:

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