Wife, Serial Killer, Cannibal

Wife, Serial Killer, Cannibal

Thirty-five year old Kelly Marie Cochran will feature in a new documentary on the murders of her husband and her lover, as well as the information she provided regarding the deaths of a further nineteen people.

Cochran had been to college and studied forensics and psychology that, according to People, gave her knowledge on how to conceal the killing of her co-worker and lover, Christopher Regan in October 2014.  Police claimed that she had been so thorough with the clean-up of the murder that they suspect it was not her first killing. According to investigator Jeremy Ogden, “Nobody’s that good the first time around.”

Cochran was assisted in the murder by her husband Jason. The woman lured the victim to her home with the promise of sex, instead he was confronted by a gun held by Jason Cochran.  Following the murder, the spouses then dismembered the body and, neighbours claim, Cochran had served part of the man’s flesh for dinner before dumping the rest in a wooded area near their Michigan home.  After Cochran was arrested, neighbours mentioned to police the sounds of sawing that they had heard coming from the Cochran home in the middle of the night.

Yet the husband and wife killing team did not last long and Jason too found himself a victim of the Black Widow, having died after she gave him a fatal overdose of heroin on February 20, 2016. According to the Chicago Tribune, after giving him the drug, she covered his mouth and nose with her hand until he stopped struggling and died.  Black Widow is a term used to describe female serial killers who murder their spouses and lovers.

Cochran had allegedly also twice confessed to the murders of twenty-one people during her police interviews.

In Michigan, Cochran was found guilty of the murder of Christopher Regan in May 2016 and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Earlier this month, in a Lake Superior court she was sentenced to a further 65 years for the murder of her husband Jason Cochran.

The case is featured in the newly released two-part documentary Dead North that follows police investigators Laura Frizzo and Jeremy Ogden and their determination to solve the murders and unravel the motivations of the killer.

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