The Fight To Be Top Dog Between Britain's Worst Female Serial Killers

The Fight To Be Top Dog Between Britain's Worst Female Serial Killers

Serial killers like to be in control, none more than Joanna Dennehy

The woman behind the Peterborough ditch murders threatened another serial killer, House of Horrors killer Rose West, upon arrival at prison.  Dennehy is there to commence serving her sentence of a life imprisonment – the third such sentence handed out to a woman, after Rose West and Moors Murderer Myra Hindley.

The Mirror reports that thirty-six year old Dennehy, who had been sentenced to life for three murders, wanted to “assert herself as top dog”, according to criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee.

To avoid any attacks on West who was in prison for the murders of ten women and girls, the serial killer was put into solitary confinement where she could be watched to prevent any repercussions from Dennehy’s threats before being taken to another prison for her own safety.

Dennehy’s incarceration was for the murders of three men, Lukasz Slaboszewski, Kevin Lee and John Chapman during a killing spree in 2013. She had lured all three of her victims to their deaths with promises of sex. Once she had them in her grasp she stabbed them violently and dumped their bodies in ditches where they were quickly discovered. Her crimes also included unprovoked attacks on two dog walkers who survived. She was assisted in the crime spree by Gary Stretch, who claimed Dennehy had threated his life if he didn’t help her, according to The Daily Mail. Another accomplice, Leslie Layton claimed he had helped in the attacks because he was in love with Dennehy.

Dennehy has remained a disturbance at the prison according to the Mirror. The serial killer has threatened to kill other inmates and has even planned an escape that involved harming a guard and Berry-Dee has no doubt that Dennehy will eventually kill someone during her sentence.

Rose West has been in prison since 1995 when she was sentenced to life for the murders of ten young women and girls who had arrived at the house she shared with her husband Fred at 25 Cromwell Street. The house was dubbed the “House of Horrors” once police began digging up the garden and basement where many of their victims were buried.

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