Inside The Home Of The Man Accused of being The Golden State Killer

Inside The Home Of The Man Accused of being The Golden State Killer

Joseph De’Angelo (72), the man accused of being The Golden State Killer, East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker and Diamond Knot Killer, has been charged with 12 murders in California, but details surrounding his arrest have been kept from the public – until now.

Cold Case Criminologist Paul Holes, who was instrumental in the arrest of De’Angelo, has shared news of a discovery he made while searching his home.

Speaking on the My Favourite Murder podcast, Holes claimed that he saw something in the man’s bedroom that sent chills through his body.

Before revealing the item, The NY Daily News reports Holes reminded listeners that the sadistic serial killer was known to bind some of his female victims and lay them down in front of TV sets.

Holes said the assailant would flip on the TVs, turn the sound off and drape a towel over the screens, “so he would have this glow, so he could see her.”

“(I) walk into DeAngelo’s room, and he has a computer there, and he’s got a towel over the monitor,” Holes revealed.

“I’m looking at that going, ‘Is that just a dust cover? Or is he reminiscing (and) he wants a glow, you know?'” Holes said. “Is he pulling out any of those souvenirs and replicating the glowing environment from back in the 1970s?”

The shocking discovery is one of the only pieces of evidence that has been publicised so far, as police keep tight lipped about what else they may have found that could link the suspect to the crimes.

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