'Psychotic' Serial Killer Too Scared To Face Victims' Families

'Psychotic' Serial Killer Too Scared To Face Victims' Families

A serial killer in the US who murdered seven women has shown contempt for the victims’ families by avoiding court on the day they were given their chance to share their feelings about the man who murdered their loved ones.

Darren Vann, from Indiana, had already struck a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.  As the judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole, Vann 47, chose not to attend his hearing.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Prosecutor Bernard Carter said in court, “Darren Vann, by all accounts, is an evil, psychotic, serial predator”.

Vann told investigators he strangled the women after having sex with them.

During sentencing Judge Samuel Cappas added, “Mr. Vann has effectively been removed from society forever”.

The victims were;

Teaira Batey, 28,

Afrikka Hardy, 19

Anith Jones, 35

Tracy Martin, 41,

Kristine Williams, 36

Sonya Billingsley, 52,

Tanya Gatlin, 27

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