Serial killer convicted of five more murders

Serial killer convicted of five more murders

Fifty-three year old Andrew Urdiales, a convicted serial killer from Chicago has been found guilty of a further five murders following a trial in Southern California.

Urdiales, called by prosecutors a misogynist who loved preying on women, had murdered the five women during a killing spree between 1986 and 1995 and only recently stood trial. The killer had previously been convicted of three murders in Illinois before being extradited to California in 2011 according to the Chicago Tribune.

The ex-Marine Urdiales had been previously sentenced to death for the murders of twenty-two year old Lynn Huber and twenty-five year old Lori Uyklai in 1996. However the sentence was commuted to life by Governor George Ryan in 2003. However in 2004 he then faced another trial for the murder of Cassandra Corum in 1996 and was again sentenced to death.

The killer is yet to be sentenced, however the State of California is seeking the death penalty however it comes with a lengthy review and appeal process.

California has not executed anyone on death row for more than a decade, with last executed killer being Clarence Ray Allen according to NDTV.

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