Police fear a serial killer is hunting women in the Irish Countryside

Police fear a serial killer is hunting women in the Irish Countryside

Police are investigation the possible links between the recent murder of twenty-four-year old Jastine Valdez near Dublin and other missing women.

The victim was seen by several witnesses being dragged into a car and driven away “like a rally driver” in Enniskerry according to The Express.  Police were able to quickly track down the owner of the car, Mark Hennessy, however on questioning the suspect a gunfight ensured and the forty-year-old man was shot dead.  Just prior to the man being tracked down by police, he had called his wife and exclaimed, “I’ve done something awful” according to The Sun.

With concerns still high for the missing woman, police were able use the data on the man’s GPS to retrace his steps following the woman’s abduction. Unfortunately they were too late and they found her body in a disused mine.

Following the woman’s death, police are now examining other missing persons’ cases as well as sexual assaults in what the press are calling “The Vanishing Triangle”.  There have been more than seven women who have gone missing in the area since the 1990s as well as a number of sexual assault.  Hennessey’s DNA is now being entered into the local evidence database to see if there are any matches to other unsolved cases. The case of Valdez’s murder and the death of suspect Michael Hennessy is now being investigated by the missing women’s task force. There have been several other suspects over the years and police remain wary of focusing in on one suspect at this time.

A €10,000 reward has been offered for any information in locating any of the missing women.

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  1. It’s so unfortunate that he was shot dead. In order to hopefully find those missing girls if their disappearance is related to this gentleman.

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