Canadian Serial Killer Paul Bernardo Charged With New Crime

Canadian Serial Killer Paul Bernardo Charged With New Crime

Tandem serial killer Paul Bernardo has been charged to stand trial in October following the alleged discovery of a home-made shank in his cell in Ontario.

The school girl killer and serial rapist faced a hearing on Friday, May 18 following the discovery. His appearance in court – via video link was brief.  According to HuffPost Canada the hearing was delayed following a technical glitch, in which Bernardo complained that he had waited impatiently “for about an hour” for the glitch to be corrected.

The Judge offered the killer a later court date but Bernardo had showed concern that a different date may affect his upcoming parole hearing according to The Star .

Bernardo then and now (via Narcity)

Bernardo, the self-confessed Scarborough Rapist has been in prison since 1994 for the brutal murders of fifteen-year -old Kristen French and fourteen-year-old Lesley Mahaffy in 1990.  Along with his wife, Karla Homolka, Bernardo kidnapped, raped and tortured his victims, on camera, before murdering them and dumping their bodies. He is also responsible for the murder of Homolka’s younger sister Tammy and is a suspect in several further murders and assaults.

Whilst Bernardo recently became eligible for parole, Homolka has been free since 2005 after she received a plea deal and light sentence for her testimony against her husband.

Homolka THEN and NOW (via COMPLEX)

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