Mother and Son sentenced to prison for roles in the Krugersdorp Murders

Mother and Son sentenced to prison for roles in the Krugersdorp Murders

Mother and school teacher Marinda Steyn has pled guilty and sentenced to eleven life sentences for her role in the crime spree known as the Krugersdorp Murders in Johannesburg.  Following her plea deal the judge asked did she understand the gravity of the situation, to which Steyn replied “One has choices, one has to bear the consequences.”

Her son, Le Roux Steyn was also sentenced to twenty-five years for his part in the eleven murders as well as a number of robberies and assaults.

The pair were part of a group of  family and friends who robbed and murdered people in an elaborate racketeering scheme between 2012 and 2016.  During the four year murder spree, the victims, including the spouse of one of the killers, were stabbed or struck with an axe, with one victim, according to The South African News site being murdered during an elaborately planned car accident. The killers were found to have cashed the victim’s life insurance policy soon after.

According to the Sunday Times others involved include Marinda’s teenage daughter Marcel, as well as Zak Valentine – whose wife was one of the victims, and Cecilia Steyn (no relation). The final four are currently awaiting trial that has been postponed until October.

A sixth member of the gang, 40-year-old John Barnard was sentenced to 30 years for his involvement, but had his sentence reduced for testifying at the trial of the others.

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