Is Meghan Markle related to Jack the Ripper?

Is Meghan Markle related to Jack the Ripper?

The upcoming Royal Wedding has reached fever pitch and, as journalists hunt for new angles, a bizarre claim has emerged that links bride-to-be Meghan Markle with the infamous Jack the Ripper.

According to The Daily Star Lawyer Jeff Mudgett, who is the eighth cousin of Meghan, claims his great-great-grandfather was H.H. Holmes, who famously committed more than 200 murders in his hotel, dubbed the ‘Factory of Death”.

Holmes visited London at the time of the Ripper killings and is considered a prime suspect by experts. Mudgett told The Daily Star: “We did a study with the FBI and CIA and Scotland Yard regarding handwriting analysis.

“It turns out he was Jack the Ripper. This means Meghan is related to Jack the Ripper.

“I don’t think the Queen knows. I am not proud he is my ancestor. Meghan won’t be either.”


UPDATE: Amanda says H.H. Holmes was not jack the Ripper as he was not in England at the time of the Whitchapel murders (we’ll find out more in the News section of Episode 2)


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