Did a feud with an ex end in a murder spree?

Did a feud with an ex end in a murder spree?

A court has heard a Sydney man accused of a string of murders and court bombings in the 1980s was motivated by a feud with his ex-wife over custody of their daughter and possession of their family home.

Leonard John Warwick (71) pleaded not guilty to a series of 24 indictments, which include four murders and the bombing of the Family Court at Parramatta, according to The Australian.

The ABC reports he is accused of seven incidents that include the shooting murders of his wife’s brother and of Justice David Opas outside his Woollahra home.

Warwick is also accused of setting off a bomb that killed Pearl Watson — the wife of Justice Ray Watson at his home — and a bomb that killed Jehovah’s Witness Minister Graham Wykes and injured several people in a church.

Prosecutor Ken McKay told the court Mr Warwick’s brother-in-law was shot with a 22-calibre gun in 1980 and his body was found days after he went missing.

He also told the court Justice Opas was shot dead with a similar weapon in his own front yard in 1980 after dealing with Mr Warwick’s court matters.

He said Mr Warwick had commented to his ex-wife that “the judge wouldn’t be there much longer” before the shooting took place.

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