Golden State Killer charged in four more murders

Golden State Killer charged in four more murders

For a case that’s been open for several decades, things are moving very fast now that police have arrested the man they accuse of being the Golden State Killer.

Prosecutors have announced they’ve charged Joseph James DeAngelo with four more murders.

DeAngelo, 72, has been charged with killing  Cheri Domingo and Greg Sanchez in July 1981, and orthopedic surgeon Robert Offerman and psychologist Alexandria Manning in December 1979.

The moniker ‘Golden State Killer’ has only been used since 2013.  Previously the killer was known as the East Area Rapist and  the Original Night Stalker.   He is also less frequently called the Diamond Knot Killer based on the knot he would tie while binding some of his victims

You can read more on the latest development here


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